Friday, May 6, 2011

Just a thought

Hey Mich, thanks for following and commenting. I seriously adore your blog and your take on things. Oh, and the pics. I am honored.

Anyway, I was looking around blogs, comments and stuff-took a look at mine, so new and still immature- and I had a thought. I really like this community.

Sometimes in life you have the distinct feeling that the biggest part of  mankind sucks. You encounter all kinds of people (friends, relatives, teachers, lovers, random strangers) and more than once one or more of them will hurt you. They will show low moral standards and virtues, no empathy, understanding and even lack of any decency.
I have thought mankind sucked so many times. Because of so many people.
But reading these pages, the comments, and the support and kindness that revolves around our stories made me change my mind.
Around here there's always a kind and empathic word, there's always unconditioned support and affection. No one knows no one in real life, I don't know any of you, I might meet you and I wouldn't know it.  But the affection is true.
We learn to know and care for each other not only because we share the same (more or less) issues with food. But because we put it out there. Because we open ourselves and share.
Society teaches us to look strong, to never show weakness or ask for help. That's exactly what we do here. We share and ask for support.
And that's exactly why we care and genuinely support each other, like I have rarely seen in real life.

Kudos to you girls-
Hugs and Love

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  1. Aww thanks, hun! :D

    I seriously don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found blogger. I tink I might be dead. This community really saved me from myself a number of times, and I feel really blessed to have found a place in it.
    <3 <3 <3