Friday, May 13, 2011

Full stop.

Why can’t I seem to post on a regular basis? Man, do I have to get a grip on that.

First things first: thanx  to my two brand new followers Heather and Black Angel. Thank you for the interest.
And thank to Ms. Cinnamon Brown for mentioning me in her last post. I deeply appreciate the compliments, man I don’t think I deserve them. But really, even if I don’t know you IRL, I think you are someone that deserves happiness in life because you’re one of the last positive and caring people out there.

So, I need advice girls.

Please help me. Here’s the situation. I have (as I posted before) stopped taking the pill two months ago for various reasons: wanting to lose weight and at the moment I was on a break with my boyfriend and the thought of being reminded everyday that I had to live without him by that pill gave me the chills. So, I stopped taking it.
Another fact: my period’s always been a royal mess. Months skipped and always massively late when I am not on the pill. So I was quite prepared for some post-pill madness.
I had my last (pill) monthly bleeding in February, 27th. By now I should’ve already had two periods but I have had none.

I know I am not pregnant. I am positively sure about it, I took a test and in the meanwhile got blood tested (the results came out a bit all over the place, pointing towards anemia, but managed not to show them to the doctor) and everything came out negative.
But now my mom (who thank god lives in another town) is kinda worried and wants me to take tests and shit. I know I have lost some weight, but not that much to justify this. But I really don’t know. Is it imputable to a wrong eating pattern or what? Do you girls (who of course happen to read this blog) have any idea? Does it vary from person to person? Do you have insights and experiences you want to share?

I would be much grateful.


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