Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Desperate Housewives Go To Work

I just noticed I forgot an 's in the last post's title.

So, tomorrow I am starting the new job. I have so many issues.
First: I am supposed to dress somehow formal. Like being the person that welcomes people in, I need not to be shabby or looking like I escaped from Woodstock, which is actually the look I try to go for as of recently.
That is why I also need to lose these freaking pounds: I wanna pull off the "casual rock n roll chick circa 1970" look. Like I like her. A lot.

Gillian Zinser - Look 1 added by MarKin

I know. I am a moderate loser for watching 90210. But I got addicted to it and now I can't stop. They're all so beautiful and thin it enrages me and mesmerizes me at the same time.
So, where was I?
Yes, I don't know how to dress myself. Like I literally have no clothing options. I have lots of fancy high heeled shoes, but nothing semi formal to put them under.
I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Second: I am gonna be working from 9 to 5.30 with half an hour of lunch break. Yay slavery!
But that is not the point, I welcome every activity that can keep me from eating.
The problem is my beloved, always present dog. He is gonna be staying in my studio for these eight hours.Luckily I managed to talk the future boss into giving me an extra 15 minutes break so that I can run home and feed him and possibly walk him.
But I am very worried about how things are gonna go.
Quite frankly, if this arrangement doesn't work out, I'll have to give him away. I cannot make him suffer.
So, for now, I'll try the best that I can: I'll wake up at 7, walk him for like an hour, get ready and go to work, then come back at lunch feed him, go back to work, come back around 6 and walk him again for another hour. Then have dinner (?) and briefly walk him again.

Third: I am quite curious about my eating schedule. I mean. I will not be able to have lunch, quite evidently. And I will not be snacking, actually I usually don't, but just in case. I am afraid that at dinner I will turn into a devouring monster. Like have dinner. Normally.
I figured I could bring to work some home made chai tea latte and sip it through the morning. Or a diet coke. But I have to but a proper thing to keep it into. And since I have something like 50€ to my name I cannot waste them in such a thing. I will have to wait monday. AKA payday.
So, these two days I will start figuring things out.
And I will try to get a morning run in order to tire the dog out and burn these fat logs I call thighs and muffin top.
I am curious.
And kinda scared.

Still fuzzy about the look tomorrow.

Today, food-wise, hasn't been so bad.
Didn't really count. Just a rough estimate.
<500. Pretty sure even 400.
But right now I am too tired to begin recapping my whole eating day into my head.

Off to bed now.
Wish me luck, lovely ladies.
Will keep you posted. In my usual sloppy way.
(note to self: improve posting)

Hugs and Love from Muffin Top (my secret agent code name)


  1. Good Luck with new job.
    Picture is great! LOve it.
    Kind of my 'style'.
    Thank You so much for wonderful comment.
    I'd love to be your little bad angel.
    Stay Strong My Dear.

  2. Good luck with the new job!! You and puppy will be ok. <3 It sounds like it'll be an adjustment, but I know a lot of people who work the 9-5 and have dogs, and most of them aren't even able to go home for lunch. Their doggies don't seem too mind.

    When I get home from work every day, I must give kitty at least 15-20 minutes of cuddle time. So she forgives me for working all day. :D


  3. I love the "casual rock n roll chick circa 1970" look!

    Good luck with the new job! Hope everything works out with the doggie breaks.

    Definitely try to eat something while you're at work. I used to do 8 hour shifts without eating and would come home and immediately devour everything in sight. :/

    Haha, and I love the secret agent code name.

  4. 90210? my guilty pleasure. And she is gorgeous, in my opinion. Something to aspire to!

    Good luck with the job! xx

  5. With that much walking, even if you don't get home in your lunch break, your puppy should still be okay.

    Good luck with the job! New jobs are scary, but it's always good to change your routine. Plus it can help you move on from the past more easily to have something to divide your life into before and after.

  6. All the best for your new job, F. I hope everything sorts itself out.

    The picture is wicked! Love it! <3. XXX.