Saturday, June 18, 2011

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

To Cinnamon: thanks for the worried comment, girl. I really apprecitate it. Gonna go get checked tomorrow. And I am so impressed by how you are doing this 30 day thing! You go girl!!! <3

So, I am home. Like hometown home. Like at home with my mom. Like OMG.
This morning I came down to see the car I now know I am going to buy. This one.

The pic kinda sucks, but I took it from the dealer's ad and cropped it. It took me about 15 minutes to upload the photo. Yay me!
Anyhow, I am pretty excited with the car.
Not so much for my daily intake. It has been beyond horrid.

Right now I am sitting at my mom's desk writing on my old Mac. The keyboard is old and the keys are hard to press, so it takes me a lot to type in at a decent speed rate without typos.
No one is in. I am alone with the two cats and my mom is out with the dog.
It is crazy how this place can change me in fifteen minutes. The minute I moved out and to another town, this house became something different. It became some kind of haunted manor.
I come down here and I am powerless. My self control goes out the window and I get lazy, moody and a fucking overeater. It is unbeliveable.
I cannot live here more than a few days, this place turns me into a fat piece of lazy ass.
And it's not because of some evident reason, like my mom is not a total nuts or a cat lady nor the house is as creepy as the Overlook Hotel in Shining.


  1. I'm so pleased. You actually had me in tears and that doesn't happen often! I'd hold off on all diuretics, laxatives and purgatives until after you've seen the specialist.

    I love the car! Very zippy! I have an old indigo VW Golf that I call 'The Blueberry"! She's a 1600 and goes like a rocket!

    I'm like you, I eat in company and starve in solitude. I think I do this so that no one will suspect that I'm far from 'normal'. Self preservation makes me do weird things!

    The new title rocks! You're almost cynical enough to be my twin! I hide it well, don't I? Like I said, self preservation...!

    Keeping fingers crossed for the doctor's visit and thinking of you. Love you, Possum! <3. XXX.

  2. I feel the exact same way about home. Every time I come home from school, I lose any progress I've made and fall back into my worst habits.

    I quite like the new title... most excellent! xx