Friday, July 8, 2011


Never trust.

Never trust someone else. never trust yourself. never trust your istinct or your heart. 
never trust your words. never trust a relationship. never trust a promise, never trust a thought.
never trust me. never trust him. never trust the ability to hurt. never trust the desperation and the sorrow. 
never trust them or their voices.
never trust a moment, never trust a stream of happiness. never trust the will to believe. never trust your faith. 

just never trust.

never believe that you will be able to stop yourself from being human. 
never for  a moment think that you will have the skills to be smarter. 

never trust me.
never trust yourself and your pale faible soul. never believe that their words are for you.
never believe in the arms of another being. 
never believe in the arms of your emptiness.

never believe in the trust someone may give you. you are not worth it.
just. don't trust anything.
don't trust this.
don't trust the hurt and the bad. 
don't trust my sorrow, it will lead you nowhere.
don't trust your hopelessness.

just don't.


  1. That's hectic, F.!

    Naturally, the macaroons are a tribute to you! That's why there's a picture of a Ladurée box in the bottom right hand corner of that picture!

    I hope they don't give you trouble either. Our postal ladies say the best way to 'get away with murder' is to not declare what's in the package or to be as vague as possible. Just say it's a box of cookies and that the box has been sealed. I really don't think it will be a problem, though.

    So glad you like my new layout. Catch you later. Love you. <3. XXX.

  2. Trust is something I've never really been able to grasp.

    But I think you can trust yourself. And somewhere out there, there must be other things/people worth trusting. We just haven't found them yet. <3